Eternal Enigma

A Dream.


Okay, here goes.

I’ve created this Tumblr for reasons I cannot name, so I hope it turns out for the better.  But who wouldn’t?

I am Metahumanoid (Meta, for short), and I’ll be your server tonight.  I’m 15, nearly 16, and as an American teenager am a general mess.  Many will tell you that I am the weirdest kid one will ever meet; although I’m sure if someone were to dispute that, we’d be great friends.  I’m a Pokemaniac (I’ve got White already, at the 6th Gym), a spur-of-the-moment poet/artist (though not a very talented one), a nerd, geek, loser, and all those other derogatory synonyms.  I play the piano, enjoy Karate and Soccer, and listen to any music that isn’t rap (with some exceptions).  Even though this barely qualifies as an intro, since there’s much more about me that I couldn’t mention in one, quick post, that’s it.

Oh, and my favorite color is Blue.  Royal Blue.

Most of this will probably be in a bio, so there was no real use stating it here, but I thought it would be a nice formality.  Thanks for reading, those who have.